This is as far as I will get in Mexico on a bike. From here on, in case I want to continue, I will have to backtrack. However Tulum has more meaning for me than just a hippie town on the Caribbean coast of Mexico. Whats more important, here is Lama Ivo and my spiritual friends from SkyDharma. Lama Ivo is the most important factor in my spiritual journey and it is hard to express the gratitude I feel for being able to know him. He is for me a precious source for the most profound spiritual teachings I could ever find on this Earth. I consider him my teacher, although I surely don’t have the qualities to call myself a real student. I now have the chance to stay and study and practice with Lama Ivo and my friends in a beautiful retreat center near Tulum. It will be insane if I don’t use this opportunity to the fullest and try my best to advance at least a tiny bit in my meditation practice. At the end this life is nothing but a chance for some spiritual growth.

I don’t know if my bike touring adventure will continue ¬†and when. It surely provided a chance to see the world and myself from a different angle and I am deeply thankful to all who supported, helped, hosted, liked, commented, sent good thoughts etc!

I’ll maintain the blog and keep on posting here mostly thoughts, stories and personal experiences I want to share. Enjoy!!

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