Tijuana to La Paz:

19 days

1600 km

2 days off

2 days at actual campgrounds

5 nights with warmshowers hosts

1 night camping at a town park

1 night camping behind a village church

1 flat tire

1 day of amazing tailwind

1 day of tropical storm rain

2 days of headwinds

lots of beans, cheese and tortillas

not so much fruits and veggies

Baja has been an amazing experience in all respects. I loved every bit of the scenery – it was so diverse and beautiful. I loved the people – they were so sweet and welcoming. Contrary to all warnings I heard from people in the US, I never felt unsafe. 

At times, I hated the the traffic on the shoulderless HWY 1. At times the headwind was so persistent it would discourage me and make me feel I fight a purposeless battle with the forces of nature. 

Would I come back? – totally YES!

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