The ride between Santa Rosalia, through Mulege to Loreto was easily the most dramatic so far. Two days of exceptional views of the amazing coastline of Bahia de Concepcion and heads on encounter with the tropical storm Octave. In our case that meant 7 hours riding in almost constant torrential rain. We got in Loreto to find rivers and┬áknee deep┬álakes instead of streets and intersections. Not that it mattered as we were totally soaked. I am only sorry that I could not take more pictures…


  1. We have been enjoying your path from afar! You write soooo well and take fabulous pictures. The palm tree reflection pic is glorious! Take good care. Our best to you. Camille & Andy

    1. Hi Camille and Andy,
      thank you so much for the note and all. I had an amazing time with you guys and will never forget it. It’s funny – my Mam mentioned the same photo when I talked to her the other day.


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