Today my thoughts have been occupied with the story about my friends Matt and Kyla.

I met them high in the Siearras, in Truckee, where I was staying in a friends house. They are hiking the PCT. This is a hike along the ridge of the coastal mountains of US, from the Mexican border all the way to Canada. It usually takes 6 months or more. They were almost half way when we met and already out of funds and no chance to complete the trip. I did encourage them big time and helped them all the way I could so they can get back on the trail. Things worked out miraculously for them and , in just a day, they got enough money to keep on hiking.


A week ago they were surprised by an early snowfall in the mountains of Washington and after being trapped in the deep snow for several days they were airlifted by the rescue service.

The story made me think about the importance of our actions and how there is no way we can base our decisions on the expected results. I guess all that matters is motivation and nothing else. Our actions do create ripples that echo through the Universe and sometimes Life gives us good visible examples of that.

I am happy that Matt and Kyla are safe. I hope that the other missing hikers will be safe soon, too.

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