I had a fun weekend in Sand Diego. Tour De Fat bike festival. Ocean beach. Adams street festival. Final preparations before heading in Mexico. Thank you, Rayne for all the love, support and nice pictures.


  1. Hi there! It was great to meet you in Carpenteria & again in Ventura! We are very interested in your Baja Mexico cycling & love the photos! We are in San Diego loving the weather and fly home to NZ on Thurs 17 Oct. But whilst here we have been dreaming up the next ride (during the wet NZ winter!) & have been porinover wonderful maps we have found here in SD of Baja Mexico! By your wonderful photos and the time you are having – we need to go too! Wishing you more fabulous cycling – Cheers Judy & Mike 2xtandem

    1. Hi Judy and Mike!!
      It was so nice meeting you guys, too!! Baja has been amazing so far. It is much more and different than what I expected. Soooo beautiful and diverse!!! The last 2-3 days on the East coast were just fabulous!! I am sure you guys will love it. And the people are just lovely. Hope you decide to come at some point.Be sure that my photos can’t show the real beauty of the place in no way:)
      Hoping you are having a safe flight home!!

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