This is a story of an ongoing journey. I won’t call it “my journey”. It is shared with so many people all around the world. It has no start and will have no end. It only changes directions from time to time. I do pretend sometimes to be in charge, but the reality is that it’s way beyond my control…

This blog was started in 2013 as a place to share my travels, just before I started my bike trip with the intention to get to South Amerika. Well…4 years later I am still in Mexico. I lot went down during these years and only now I find the time and courage to get back to writing. The world has changed and so did I. Trump is a president and I am over my dreams about getting to Patagonia on a bike. The lust for traveling is still here though and where will it take me I am still to see.

The story of my bike trip from Monterey, CA to Tulum, Mexico you can find here.

My current thoughts and stories will be posted here.

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